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Born in 1987, Le Chesnay, France
Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

If a picture is a poem without words, then Fort’s works are wordless punchlines. Rendered trough a painstaking drafting proces, he produces photorealistic drawings of mind-blowing detail. His uncanny ability to infuse even the bleakest or most mundane of subjects with a sophisticated sense of humor is a central to his work. A vintage Casio calculator or a generic landscape acquire in Fort’s hands a subtle lightheartedness which, once you ‘get the joke’, becomes subversively funny. Despite their apparent straightforwardness and monochromatic placidity, the uniqueness of Fort’s works lies in their ability to make you do a double-take. The viewer is always compelled to re-calibrate what he is looking at.

Selected Exhibitions

Ya no nos importa, group exhibition, Sala Arte Joven, Madrid, ES
Lost drawings, solo exhibition, Gltch Gallery, Antwerp, BE
Untiteled, group exhibition, Verbeeck-Vandyck Gallery, Antwerp, BE

The End Is Here, solo exhibition, Alley Gallery, Hasselt, BE
Drawing Conclusions, group exhibition, Paris Texas Gallery, Antwerp, BE

The  Sleeping Giant, solo exhibition, Paris Texas Gallery, Antwerp, BE